Design Options

Whether you desire a one-of-a-kind design or you want to see the look and feel before starting,
we offer both options to develop adoption profile materials you'll be thrilled with.

Developing the right adoption profile and outreach materials are an important and often frustrating process. You want to create the "perfect" materials that really reflect you, your life and your style while grabbing the attention of anyone looking at them. You may not have the time, the necessary capabilities to execute it or any idea about what you want or where to begin. Whatever may be the case, we offer options that will help you get materials that you'll be excited about and will showcase your photos and information in high-end, professional materials. We'll take the stress away from having to figure out how to get it done and let you breathe a sigh of relief to check it off your Adoption To Do List.

We offer discounts!

When you order 2+ items, you can get up to 15% discount off design fees.
See the order form for details.


Original Designs

Design Library

If you want to select from existing professional designs, the Design Library is the right choice for you. We offer an extensive line of creative designs from which you can choose the one look that's right for you. After selecting the design of your choice, we'll take your photos and information and customize that design to fit your specific needs.

Original Designs

Original Designs

We can create an original, never-used design just for you to meet your specific requirements and design ideas. If you desire an original design, we're happy to work with you to achieve your vision. Just contact us directly to discuss your ideas and goals.


What You Get

Because our designs are not just templates to drop cookie-cutter size photos and limited text into, we will customize the designs to work for your exact requirements. Whether selecting from our Design Library or requesting an Original Design, our design fees include:


  • Honest, objective and constructive feedback of photos selected and text provided


  • Digital photo manipulation* which includes:

    • • Red eye removal

      • Color adjustment

      • Lighting adjustment if too dark or too light

      • Resizing and formatting

      • Appropriate cropping

  • Text review to ensure grammatical accuracy


  • Application of the selected design to enhance the photos and text you provide


  • Initial presentation of completed design(s)


  • A complimentary round of edits after initial presentation - any additional rounds of edits will be billed at $75/hour


  • Production and final file preparation for printing and personal use.


    * Additional fees for scanning in photos will apply.


    Greeny PeanutWe offer the simplicity of our one-stop service by providing quality printing for you. You can see all of the printing options and prices when you view a specific design or at our Printing Specs page. We're proud to incorporate a commitment to environmentally friendly printing called Greeny Peanut Promise in which we use recycled paper and soy-based inks. You also have the option to not get your item(s) printed or to get your own printing. With each item you order, you'll receive a low-resolution pdf file (150 dpi) that is ideal for e-mailing or to add to a website. And if you don't order printing through us, you'll also receive a second high-resolution pdf file (300 dpi) complete with 1/8" bleed and crop marks.