Adoption Outreach

Expectant mothers can be found through a number of potential sources, each requiring
its own unique design. We offer adoption outreach ideas and designs to help you.

If you've begun your adoption process, you may be registered with an adoption agency/organization or you may have decided to go it on your own. In either case, there are a number of additional adoption outreach marketing steps you can take to find an expectant mother.


For many specific suggestions and ideas, you can read through our 30+-page Teeny Peanut Insightful Ideas book or visit our Teeny Peanut Blog.

Adoption Outreach Marketing Materials

Adoption Outreach Materials

It may sound impersonal, but the reality is that you're marketing yourself to expectant mothers/parents, hoping that you can "sell" the real you and have them select you. The primary reason for your adoption marketing is to let people know that you're wanting to adopt and that you would make a great parent.


There are many ways that you can market yourself amongst people you know and in other ways where you don't know your audience...yet. We've developed designs for some adoption outreach marketing materials that can be helpful in your search. Visit our Outreach Marketing Materials page to learn more about the adoption outreach materials we offer.


Waiting Adoptive Parents Website

Adoption Profile Websites

One of the best adoption outreach resources is with an adoption profile website, making yourself instantly available to anyone all of the time. We offer website design to set up your personal, unique profiel website. We also offer FREE customized domains and FREE unlimited hosting for your site. You can view our Adoption Profile Websites page to learn more about it. In addition to that, we also offer a directory of waiting adoptive parents/families who are hosting their profile website with us, giving you yet another way of being found. You can see them at


What You Get

Because our designs are not just templates to drop cookie-cutter size photos and limited text into, we will customize the adoption outreach designs to work for your exact requirements. Whether selecting from our Design Library or requesting an Original Design, our design fees include:


  • Honest, objective and constructive feedback of photos selected and text provided


  • Digital photo manipulation* which includes:

    • • Red eye removal

      • Color adjustment

      • Lighting adjustment if too dark or too light

      • Resizing and formatting

      • Appropriate cropping

  • Text review to ensure grammatical accuracy


  • Application of the selected design to enhance the photos and text you provide


  • Initial presentation of completed design(s)


  • A complimentary round of edits after initial presentation - any additional rounds of edits will be billed at $75/hour


  • Production and final file preparation for printing and personal use.


    * Additional fees for scanning in photos will apply.